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When was the last time you were invited to talk about yourself, or your business?

Flash back to your audience.

Did their eyes get brighter, the longer you talked?


Did they listen intently, ask questions, and really GET it?


Or did they wait politely, chalk you up, and move on to the next thing?


Imagine that the NEXT time you open your mouth...


Instead of glazing over, their eyes start lighting up.

Instead of looking at their phone, they're leaning in toward YOU.

And whereas before they may have brushed you off with: "I'll get back to you..."

Now, they're asking: 

"What's the next step?"

... If you want the truth?


You CAN inspire people not just to listen to you, relate to you, and adopt a new perspective...


But also?


To take the next step with YOU.

Every time.


And STORY is the way to do it.

When you can tell great stories, it's like having a secret magical power that automatically draws them in, piques their imagination, and inspires them to open doors.

So the question to ask yourself is: 

What can YOU achieve, once you start changing consciousness at will?

"He said, call me when you're ready for funding."

"The investor was so connected and blown away by the idea. He said he rarely hears an idea he believes in, and that the way I framed it was unique and unlike anything he's heard before. He said, call me when you're ready for funding."

Dasami Moodley

Product Manager, BCG Digital Ventures


   story services 

Un-Pitch Your COMPANY
Your story is your BIGGEST ASSET when it comes to standing out from the crowd, sharing your unique message, and connecting with your audience -- and assets are meant to be LEVERAGED.
Dump the dry chronological play-by-play and craft a personal narrative that opens hearts (and potentially wallets!) wherever you're called to share it -- from the stage to the "About" page.
The days of standing up on a soapbox and delivering a one-way "pitch" -- and hoping your ideal partner or investor will say YES at the end -- are over.
Instead, tell a 2-way story that shows them how and where THEY fit into a bigger opportunity.
Don't see what you need? 
Let's talk
Sick of getting passed over for that promotion? Tired of sitting at a table full of corporate big wigs and feeling like your voice is falling on deaf ears?

Whether you're an intra-preneur seeking buy-in for a new initiative or a team manager wondering how to deliver bad news without making them hate you, apply the subtle art of "influence without power" and watch your colleagues and superiors start responding to you differently.

  what they say  

"Out-of-this-world wonderful."


“My story sharing was out-of-this-world wonderful. Thank you for your incredible insight. The moment where I asked the audience to join me in the lift, going up into the office and 'stepping out' was the moment that really struck them (I felt it and they told me). I felt comfortable and confident because I knew and loved the structure. So thank you!!!! From the bottom of my heart. I just really want to celebrate it with you!”

Jessie Williams

CEO, The Groundswell Project

"My talk resonated with people in ways I didn't expect."

"The opening was absolutely magical. The talk felt so dynamic and alive... It helped viewers feel more connected to my artwork, and the connection was strong enough for some to make a purchase! In addition, my talk resonated with people in ways I didn't expect. I received a ton of positive feedback from viewers and the gallery administrators. Thanks again! Your feedback and guidance has been a huge help."

Bernadette Cay

Artist & Author

"Will be pinching myself for a while!"

“Incredible update — I got the role at the company I was dreaming of!! After believing that I didn’t have "enough experience”… It feels incredible!!! On top of that, I got a raise (insane) given the value I mentioned I could bring and the position the company is currently in... I am the FIRST PM the new director has officially hired. What a gift our storytelling work has been! Thanks so much for your help and teaching. Will be pinching myself for a while!”

Brittany Adams

Product Manager, Silvercar

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