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If you’re in business today, you’re operating in a context of incomplete information, accelerating change, and pervasive uncertainty on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, amidst all this — you still have to act.

And not only act — but also articulate what’s driving your actions, recommendations, and decisions.

So that (once they hear you out) other people can feel good about lending you their time, trust, attention, permission, and resources.

Sounds easy, right?

Except, perhaps, for the other people part.

Because at the end of the day, and whether you call them bosses, investors, employees, managers, board members, peers, family members, or (my personal favorite) “stakeholders”…

Businesses are made of people — and so are most of the problems that are plaguing your business right now.

This is because most people (in addition to their many good qualities) are brimming with fear, assumptions, ego, biases, blind spots, past hurts, and resistance to change (or risk) of any magnitude.

But the cool thing about people — if you want to know what it is?

[Lifts glass, drinks, wipes sleeve across mouth, grins]

Their brains are all structured the same.

And when you know a little something about what makes it tick?

It’s like having a secret superpower that no one even realizes you’re using, because it’s couched in the format they naturally prefer and appreciate.

In fact, neuroscientists will attest that the human brain is designed for story — narrative is the process that determines how humans remember, communicate, decide, and make sense of our lives.

And it doesn’t matter who they are — or how accomplished, sophisticated, or intimidating they appear to you

As long as they have a human brain, they are vulnerable to the power of story.

And as long as you have a human brain?

You already have the raw materials you need to start exercising this power (responsibly, of course!), so you can go about co-creating the outcomes you want most.

So, bottom line?

If you have a business problem to solve, and it has something to do with other people?

Well my friend — you’re in the right place.

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