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Whether you're a C.E.O. or a solopreneur;

an artist or engineer or mere human being:


Everyone has a different challenge (/opportunity)

when it comes to story. 

My clients have used the magic of story to:

launch the business

build the brand

rally the team

persuade the partner

land the funding

close the sale

get the raise

nail the TED talk

midwife the memoir

shape the legacy


experience the coveted "mic-drop moment"* 

(*'mic-drop moment' noun. the micro-moment of silence

that descends when you have knocked it out of the park

with your story, response, or presentation.)

From years of partnering with all kinds of people to excavate the true stories that got the results,

one thing I know is this:


What YOU can achieve with this magical skill set?


is limited only by your imagination.

  packages & pricing   


Even after many years, people continue to surprise me with new applications for story work.


That said, here are some of the most popular ways we can approach working together: 

 companies & founders   


Looking to build a compelling and consistent brand story, and enjoy the infinite returns it can generate? Master the art of empowerment marketing from a narrative perspective, and make your stakeholders feel like the hero of every story you tell. 

  • Excavate your org's "Meta-Story" via 4 Core Pillars of Stage, Participants, Protagonist, & Quest

  • Craft a high-level strategy and MVP (minimum viable platform) to keep your content & brand messaging focused, effective & consistent

  • Identify opportunities for strategic action with the potential to create a consistent brand experience for your customers & stakeholders

  • Choose the story your customers will tell their friends about who you are as a company

  • Turn all your employees into effective and engaging brand ambassadors by training them in  how precisely they should share "The Company Story"

  • Starting at $4,999

"I've seen how this investment continues to generate new returns and opportunities."

Sean Conway

CEO & Founder, Pillow Homes (acquired by Expedia)


Need partners to get on board with your business or vision? Learn the Un-Pitching Technique for delivering your pitch so as to get your ideal partners to light up, lean in and say YES.


  • Communicate like a thought leader at the forefront of your industry

  • Show how your solution fits into the bigger picture of a relevant cultural narrative

  • Weave data & story effectively to activate attention, imagination, engagement & trust

  • Inspire future partners to take the next step with you... before they even leave the room!

  • Starting at $1,999

"The investor was blown away. 

He said, 'Call me when you're ready for funding.' "

Dasami Moodley

BCG Digital Ventures

3/ Own Your Story from the Stage

Ready for the world to embrace YOUR big idea? Learn how to wield Story vs. Data and use the Open-Loop Technique for keeping your audience engaged from beginning to end. Walk away with a fully-formed, emotionally resonant, and action-inspiring speech.

  • Identify the threads of your narrative that weave complex ideas together into a coherent whole

  • Use neuroscience principles to make your data 20X more memorable and keep your audience engaged from beginning to end

  • Pack a punch straight to heart-guts (a.k.a. the center of human decision-making) and if applicable, inspire them to take the next step with YOU

  • Starting at $1,999

"The opening was absolutely magical. The talk felt so dynamic and alive... It helped viewers feel more connected to my artwork, and the connection was strong enough for some to make a purchase! And, my talk resonated with people in ways I didn't expect. I received a ton of positive feedback from viewers and the gallery administrators. Your feedback and guidance has been a huge help."

Bernadette Cay

Artist & Author



Tired of feeling like you don't have a seat at the table? Learn the exact Accelerating Story Strategies that have helped hundreds of professionals, managers, and intra-preneurs start exercising "influence without power" -- and exuding that elusive x-factor known as "leadership potential"  -- to create amazing shifts and opportunities in their careers. 


  • Frame your ideas to get corporate buy-in for new initiatives (& the resources to make it happen)

  • Master the art of strategic confrontation & telling the truth (when they DON'T want to hear it)

  • Hold your team accountable & assess their performance (without making them resent you)

  • Make sure your bosses are happy (without running yourself ragged)

  • Articulate the story of your "worth" to negotiate a raise or land that promotion 

  • Starting at $799/mo for 3 months

"Things are worlds different."

"After turning down two full time job offers, I signed a contract this week for my first engagement as an independent consultant and I am VERY EXCITED, about the work but about a thousand times more about the mindset/lifestyle/professional shift that I think is starting to happen. (Oh and by the way: after getting two too-low-for-me-but-competitive-for-Amsterdam salary offers and not budging on my sense of value, they came back and met my price, which was TWICE as much as their initial offer. Funny how that can work!) 


I can't overstate how much my thinking has changed -- my networking conversations have taken on a completely different tone, where I'm far more in charge of the narrative ('I don't know how we'll do it, but I know we have to work with you!'  - actual quote from a meeting yesterday), as opposed to being in the position of 'hi I would like a job.'  It's almost comical how differently people are responding to this new attitude. Things are worlds different, and for that I can't say THANK YOU enough. The word that captures it best for me is transformative."

John Whelan, M.B.A

Sustainable Finance Consultant


World not responding to you exactly... as you wish? Learn my M.A.G.I.C.C. method for true personal storytelling that clients *routinely* tell me changed their whole perspective and approach to effective communication -- AND continues to get them magical results in business and in life.

  • Gain clarity & confidence re: what your story IS and how to share it with conviction and integrity

  • Identify key threads & themes that link "your story” into a coherent and consistent narrative 

  • Communicate your POV in a way that engages the imagination and builds trust

  • Learn the Reverse Engineering Technique for using story to answer tough questions, objections, and critics

  • Develop a Personal Library of concise and contextual stories you can draw from to confidently engage any audience

  • Starting at $799/mo for 3 months

"What exhilarating results!"

“On a story high tonight! Someone I work with reached out with a personal dilemma, and asked about my coaching services. Instead of giving the straight answers to her questions as I would have done in the past, I used the Reverse Story Engineering practice to answer with a story [about] the power of the healing that awaits her through our coaching relationship. Her response: "The sense of relief and hope I’m experiencing right now...I can’t even describe it." And we have a consultation call set up. What fun practice and even more exhilarating results!"

Bailey Selland 

Psychologist & Coach

   how does it work?   


It only works if you're ready to do things differently from everyone else -- to take a risk with your wild and precious life.

It starts with un-learning how you've been taught to communicate, and letting go of the need to "prove," "explain," "convince," and "justify..." 

So that you can start speaking with


conviction, imagination, & influence.

And while being a beginner is hard, the good news (on a neurobiological level, at least)?


You already know how to do this.


You've just been brainwashed (by your schmancy education) to forget. 

"For an author, working with Jessica is extraordinary."

"Jessica helped me understand the arc of my own narrative, connect what I wanted to say with what the audience wanted to hear, and extract the universal messages from my personal reflections. For an author, working with Jessica is extraordinary — she helps bring a story to a higher plane." 

Karen Feinstein

President & CEO, Jewish Healthcare Foundation


If we DO decide to move forward together,

   here's what I promise   

1. Your passion is my passion; 

your wins are my wins. 

All it takes for me to care about what you're doing is for YOU to care about what you're doing -- whatever that is. When you care, I care about helping you succeed; for me, there's nothing more gratifying than helping you get that incomparable first taste of agency -- the power and freedom that becomes available when we start acting as the architects of our own lives. 

2. If you're not having fun,

you have permission to fire me.


If it feels like a slog, we're doing it wrong! After the initial trial period if you say to me "hey Jess, this isn't any fun and I don't see the value," I'll give you your money back -- I won't even take it personally!

3. You will be happy with your results.  

My clients know what it feels like to have a creative partner who is invested in their success and who lives to celebrate their victories. If you do the work and are not delighted by what we accomplish, just say "hey Jess, I'm not satisfied" and we'll find a way to get you there -- or your money back.

   great, so what next?   


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"Hire Jessica - you won't regret it."

"I was asked to speak on an industry panel and told Jessica I wanted to speak two times, short and sweet, then let the “mic drop,” leaving the other panelists to duke it out on stage. In one session, Jessica helped me find and polish the 2 gems that exactly fit the bill. The panel was a huge success and very well received. But the real results came after — when another organizer from a very exclusive event in my industry called to say he’d been impressed, and would I be willing to sit on THEIR panel — AND select the other panelists? Over nearly two years of working with Jessica, I’ve seen again and again how this investment continues to generate new returns and opportunities. She's incredibly talented and fun to work with. Hire her — you won’t regret it.”

Sean Conway

Co-Founder & CEO, Pillow Homes

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