Un-Pitch Your Startup

[Customer Type]

Startup Founder, early stage

[Invoke Heroic Potential]

Investors eyes light up​. He gets your why. Says he sees himself in you. 

Thinks you're the right person to do it. 

He wants to get started. This is his offer. 

[Invoke Mundane Reality]

Same old advice

Pitch event after pitch event. 

Noncommittal answers like: "we only invest in later stage companies."

Maybe if you keep going like this, it will work. 

[Illuminate Obstacles]

Problem is assumption that the product should speak for itself.


Boring, monotone, reiterating slide deck. Nothing human there, just like every other pitch. 

Disconnection / lack of engagement / element of human connection

In reality, people don't invest in products, they invest in people. 

Your audience has to believe that YOU are the right person for the job.

How do you get them to do that?

[Reveal Path  to Overcome]


The way you get humans to connect is through STORY. 

The story of why your product needs to exist, and what makes YOU the right person to bring it to life.

The story that will help them see themselves inside the story -- and give them a story they can tell themselves.

[Tell us Why it Works]


Get at the heart of what draws us together as humans

2-way story invites the audience in


Primal impact of story

[Make a Bold Promise]

Story won't make your product better -- you have engineers for that.


What engineers can't do is make a frame of meaning for your product to sit seamlessly into, one that simultaneously positions YOU as the right person to invest in.

[Pull Back the Curtain]

Hi I'm Jessica...

If you want x, then you want me in your corner. 

[Tell Them How it Works]

First, you and I get on the phone for x hours. You bring your pitch, I bring my storytelling chops. Together, we flesh out an arc of context and excavate the personal story that will kick it off. 

Then, over the next 4 weeks, you demo it with 2 investors and send me the call recordings. 


Then we meet again to polish and go over FAQ's.

Then you get ALL the monies. 

[You Should Also Know]

This is not a crash course in making a "pitch deck"

This is about what you do after they've seen your pitch deck; when they're waiting to hear what ELSE you have to say.

[Bottom Line]


I want you to quit reiterating your slide deck and hoping the product will speak for itself. 

Hello! It doesn't even have a mouth! 


[Call to Action]

Book a no-commitment 15-minute phone consult, or email me. 


[Social Proof]

"The investor was so connected and blown away by the idea. He said he rarely hears an idea he believes in, and that the way I framed it was unique and unlike anything he's heard before." Dasami Moodley

"Jessica has her MBA in storytelling and much more."