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The range of business contexts to which story can be applied and leveraged is vast -- so here you'll find a sample menu of training topics to give you a sense of the possibilities and to pique your imagination around an engaging, fun and effective future training for your team or audience. 

Menu of Workshop Topics


*Starting at $997 USD. 


  • This is Your Brain on Story: The Neuroscience, Psychology & Magic of Narrative

  • Transformative Storytelling: How to Tell Simple True Stories that Captivate, Engage & Inspire


  • The Inception Story: How to Reveal the Human Behind the Business

  • I Speak From Experience: The 3 Personal Stories Every Leader Needs to Master

  • The Art of Un-Pitching: How to Deliver a 2-Way Pitch that Gets the YES


  • Winning the Story Wars: How to Craft a Compelling "Brand Story" for Your Organization

  • The Meta-Story: Turn Your Employees into Effective Brand Ambassadors

  • Your Inception Story: How to Communicate Your “Personal Brand”


  • Story vs. Data: How to Communicate "Impact" so that People Actually Care

  • Triumph: Shape Your Simplified Hero(ine)'s Journey for Everyday Sharing


  • Story for Confrontation: Telling the Truth When They Don't Want to Hear It

  • Dissolving Change Resistance: Get the “Old Guard” on Board with the Future

  • The Destination Postcard: Move People to Achieve a Shared Vision


  • The Business of People: Leadership Strategies for First-Time Managers

  • Influence (without Power): Story for Motivation & Holding Your Team Accountable

  • How to Be the "Bad Guy" (that Everybody Likes): Tips for Delivering a (Poor) Performance Review

  • Managing Up: How to Make Your Bosses Happy (Without Running Yourself Ragged)


  • How About That Promotion?  Story for Articulating & Negotiating your Worth 

  • Sold! Non-Icky True-Story Techniques for Closing the Client


  • "Tell Me About Yourself?"  How to Take Control of Your Professional Narrative

  • Why This & Why Now?  How to Tell an Unconventional-Career-Path Story

  • 5+ Years Experience (And What to Say When You Don't Have it Yet)

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"Jessica is one to watch. But more than that, she’s one to hire -- now! I assumed I would enjoy her workshop, but did not imagine I’d get so much out of it. I have some work to do… and after seeing Jessica in action, I feel inspired to do it. She’s engaging, insightful, and real. Her greatest skill as a storyteller: her ability to listen. My only frustration: I wanted more time. My only question: why are you reading this instead of contacting her? "

Chris Geison

Senior UX Researcher, Answer Lab