[Customer Type]

Entrepreneur​ Who Must Sell Herself

[Burning Pains]

Love business, hate selling

[Invoke Heroic Potential]

The words do all the work of selling, leaving you free to do yours

Your ideal clients flock to you with barely any effort

You wake up to new email notifications of people wanting to work with you

Your audience is obsessed with you

Your customers often say "your website spoke directly to me"

Your customers often say "I felt like you really GOT what I'm struggling with"

Your customers often say "Based on what I read, I just had the feeling that you could help me."

[Invoke Mundane Reality]

Email list not growing

Product launch to crickets

[Illuminate Obstacles]


[Reveal Path  to Overcome]


[Why it Will Work]

Primal impact of story. How humans remember and decide. 

[Make a Bold Promise]

Bold promise! 

[Pull Back the Curtain]


Hi I'm Jessica...

If you want to x -- then you want me in your corner. 

[Tell Them How it Works]


You send me your Sales Page, and we hop on the phone.

[You Should Know]

Your Sales page will be awesome. All my work is guaranteed.

[Bottom Line]


I want you to share your value, make all the monies and live a life of freedom. 


[Call to Action]

Book a no-commitment 15-minute phone consult, or email me. 


[Social Proof]

"My audience loves me now!" Davida Kugelmass

Your Sales Page... On Story