University Pitch

[Customer Type]

Latin American University

[Invoke Heroic Potential]

Cutting edge education


21st Century



Global network

Global community



Global level

Global presence

Global participation




What if SCHOOL NAME students could learn directly from the North American Capital of Innovation --  without having to leave the classroom? 

[Invoke Mundane Reality]

Same old advice

[Illuminate Obstacles]

Usually you have to send your best and brightest to visit the Innovation Capital of North America and report back from the cutting edge.

Now it's coming to YOU. 

[Reveal Path to Overcome]


Here's the Path

[Share Why it Works]

Because story, duh! 

[Make a Bold Promise]

Story won't make your product better -- you have engineers for that.


What engineers can't do is make a frame of meaning for your product to sit seamlessly into, one that simultaneously positions YOU as the right person to invest in.

[Pull Back the Curtain]

Hi I'm Jessica...

If you want x, then you want me in your corner. 

[Tell Them How it Works]

First, you and I get on the phone for x hours. You bring your pitch, I bring my storytelling chops. Together, we flesh out an arc of context and excavate the personal story that will kick it off. 

Then, over the next 4 weeks, you demo it with 2 investors and send me the call recordings. 


Then we meet again to polish and go over FAQ's.

Then you get ALL the monies. 

[You Should Also Know]

This is not a crash course in making a "pitch deck"

This is about what you do after they've seen your pitch deck; when they're waiting to hear what ELSE you have to say.

[Bottom Line]


I want you to quit reiterating your slide deck and hoping the product will speak for itself. 

Hello! It doesn't even have a mouth! 


[Call to Action]

Book a no-commitment 15-minute phone consult, or email me. 


[Social Proof]

"The investor was so connected and blown away by the idea. He said he rarely hears an idea he believes in, and that the way I framed it was unique and unlike anything he's heard before." Dasami Moodley

"Jessica has her MBA in storytelling and much more."