"Quiet" Never Sounded so Good

[Customer Type]

Introverted-Yet-Ambitious Professional

[Burning Pains]

Being shy, not knowing what to say, choking under pressure, being silent at meetings

[Invoke Heroic Potential]


Your team sees you as credible and professional

You are perceived as a vital asset to the organization

People say "we couldn't have done it without you."

In meetings, you don't speak more than you need to -- but when you do, people listen

People often respond to you with: "Yes, I see your point," and "You know, that's a great idea."

Your feel recognized and appreciated for your value

Your ideas actually get implemented

You are given new opportunities

You feel like a ninja at "managing up" AND "managing down"

You decide to ask for a raise, and (gasp) you get one!

[Invoke Mundane Reality]

Don't feel heard or listened to

Your ideas get passed over in favor of those who are more vocal

You watch your more vocal colleagues get more recognition and opportunities 

You are told you are "too quiet"

You are told you "need to speak up in meetings"

You are not given new opportunities

You don't feel your value is recognized

You feel you deserve a raise, but don't feel confident anyone else would agree

[Illuminate Obstacles]

It feels like the higher-ups at your company seem to think you're not... something enough.


Not loud enough. Not outspoken enough. Not participating enough. 

 In short, the problem seems to be that you're an introvert -- and this somehow means you are not leadership material

As though it's a bad thing that you don't aspire to be the loudest in the room, or that you actually take a moment to think before you speak. 

As though the fact that you need more time to reflection makes you somehow less

In reality, you can be a leader with quiet confidence 

You can have leadership presence without being the loudest in the room.

How do you do that?

[Reveal Path  to Overcome]

You don't have to be an extrovert to get your ideas taken seriously at work. 

You don't have to speak the loudest, to get people to listen. 

What you do need is presence; and the ability to connect with others on a genuine human level.


And this happens through story.


Both the stories you tell others, and the ones you live inside by repeating them on a loop in your head.

We all know someone who doesn't compete for attention, and yet when they do speak, they seem to know just the right thing to say.


They manage to make you feel seen, understood, and inspired.

And when they turn the golden light of their attention to you, they make you feel like the only person in the room.

When you are able to correctly identify a storytelling opportunity, you can be this kind of leader -- and enjoy all the perks and benefits that come along with the recognition.

[Why it Will Work]

Primal impact of story. How humans remember and decide. 

You don't have to needlessly draw attention to yourself to be recognized for your value.​

[Make a Bold Promise]

You don't have to lead from the front of the room, to be perceived as a leader.


You can be quiet -- AND influential. 

You can take the time to think -- AND be listened to when you speak. 

You can be introverted -- AND a leader.

You can be present -- and also have PRESENCE.

As soon as you learn to recognize and act on the storytelling opportunity in a one-on-one context, your deeper connections with your colleagues will make your presence known -- and position you as a rising star in your organization.

[Pull Back the Curtain]


Hi I'm Jessica...

If you want to ooze quiet confidence, show up as a leader in meetings, and connect more effectively with your colleagues so that they are inspired to see you in a new light -- then you want me in your corner. 

[Tell Them How it Works]


We hop on phone or Zoom for 45 minutes. You bring your top frustrations around communication and being valued at work. I bring you practical tips, techniques and reframes you can play with and implement immediately. 


Then, you go back to work, put it into play -- and see what changes.

We continue this for as long as you find it helpful, and as long as it feels like a good fit. 

The goal is NOT for you to stand up in front of a room and deliver a pitch-perfect presentation. 

The goal IS for you to show up everywhere with the QUIET CONFIDENCE of a leader, without acting like someone you're not. The goal is for you to stand firmly on the solid ground of your ideas; and to be able to share them in a way that resonates, when it truly counts.

[You Should Know]

Skill development happens in layers. Before you can change how you "show up" at work, you first need to play and experiment with different ways of being. And you will need to practice what works, before it will become second nature. This can only happen through commitment. If you are not prepared to invest time in your transformation, it will elude you.

[Bottom Line]


I want you to quit reiterating your slide deck and hoping the product speaks for itself. 


[Call to Action]

Book a no-commitment 15-minute phone consult, or email me. 


[Social Proof]

"The ROI was many times over. Jessica helped me negotiate my highest salary yet." Simon Tumansky

"I feel so much LIGHTER after speaking with you. After learning your suggested method of sharing my story, I'll use it in every future interview." Brittany Adams