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... That as you wake up tomorrow, with dim sunlight filtering into your consciousness, and remember yourself -- you are immediately flooded with feelings of purpose and excitement for the day ahead. Unable to lie still any longer, you cast off the covers and hop out of bed.

As the steam rises from your first cup of coffee, your thoughts turn to work -- a prospect that fills you with energy and vigor. The blank slate of all that could happen today feels expansive and beckoning, like an alpine meadow, steeped in the fresh air of possibility. 

You arrive at work eager to immerse yourself in the projects you find fascinating. You relax into flow and the day flies; peppered with productive conversations with colleagues that you find smart and engaging. Although you leave work later than expected, you feel a deep satisfaction knowing you moved the ball forward on things that matter to you.


And anyway, you can always opt to work from home tomorrow. 

On the way home, stuck in traffic or on the train, you look around at the faces of other commuters. Most of them appear resigned, bored, and exhausted. Seeing them, you can easily recall a time when YOU felt bored and exhausted -- it was not that long ago. 


In fact, you vividly remember what is was like to resent the alarm for going off; to dread the day ahead; and to WISH you could just let loose that perfect snarky response instead of having to listen to your insufferable manager drone on about TPS reports. 


At the time, there was very little to smile about.

But now, you reflect, what you do feels important, fun and satisfying. You feel engaged and empowered to contribute your unique gifts. You feel aligned with the mission and appreciated by the team.  


At times like these, you can't help but pause and marvel at how you managed to do the impossible... and pivot to the career of your dreams.

Introducing {PIVOT}

The virtual storytelling course for job seekers who want to break out of their career history and get hired in a new role or industry

A new storytelling lesson in your inbox each week (video, audio, and PDF versions -- in case you prefer to watch, listen or read)

PDF worksheets to accompany each lesson for deeper reflection and refinement

Four (4) live group Q&A calls with the instructor (that's me!) to hash it out when you get "stuck"

Two (2) opportunities to submit a sample of your storytelling and receive customized expert feedback (at the beginning and end of the course)

Lifetime access to our private Facebook page where you can connect with and learn from other professionals navigating career transition

This 8-week storytelling crash course is designed to show you step-by-step how to take charge of your career narrative, so that decision makers see why it makes sense to hire YOU -- even if you're not technically "qualified."  
Once you sign up, here's what you'll get:

After an impassioned rant to your friends about feeling like a cog in someone else's machine, you marched into your manager's office on Friday and gave your 2-weeks notice -- only to wonder, when they told you not to bother coming in on Monday, if you made a huge mistake.

You spent hours scouring LinkedIn, Idealist, Monster and GlassDoor for "stretch" jobs that would challenge you while offering a "clear path to advancement" -- only to hesitate over whether you were truly "qualified" for these positions.

You whittled away an entire day updating and re-formatting your resume and carefully tweaking your cover letter for each of a hundred submissions -- only to hear the bittersweet song of crickets in your inbox.


You attended 7 networking events in as many days -- only to come away with a stack of business cards from predatory life coaches, insurance agents, and financial planners offering "free consultations." 

Over coffee with a mutual friend, you learn that someone you knew in high school just sold her second startup for $14M and is now splitting her time between SF and Brazil. Wanting to choke something, you smile and say: "Good for her."

You invested $$$ in an immersive training "bootcamp" that promised to equip you with the skills you need to penetrate your dream industry -- only to hear from potential employers after you've graduated that you lack "practical experience" and that your case studies don't count.

Discouraged and exhausted, you finally settled for something in the same old wheelhouse that promised to pay the mounting bills -- or worse -- you're still unemployed, facing a "runway" that's swiftly running out, and possibly regretting the courageous choice you made in the first place.

Remember the last time you decided to stop complaining about your soul-sucking job, and actually DO something with your one wild and precious life? 
Ready to try something different...?