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"Tell Me About Yourself?" [Career Masterclass #1]


Learn to control your professional narrative, WITHOUT reciting your entire career history in < 90 seconds.  

This ice-breaker career question may seem unimportant, but treating it this way will cause you to miss a precious opportunity to set the tone for the entire conversation -- and show up as a leader right off the bat. Invest in this training and walk away with:

  • Relief from stress and uncertainty of figuring out how to cram your whole story into 60 seconds or less
  • An empowering perspective on what "your story" is (and what your interviewer really wants to know)
  • A simple, high-level answer framework you can easily adapt for your professional background, while remaining true to yourself

What People Are Saying:

Blew my mind… This feels so much more authentic, cool, positive and confident, compared to how I was doing it before. The T.M.A.Y. was received wonderfully; all 4 interviews went incredibly well.

Matt Shelton, M.B.A

I can't overstate how much my thinking has changed -- this helped me reframe how I look at pretty much everything work-related. It's almost comical how differently people are responding to this new attitude -- my networking conversations have taken on a completely different tone, where I'm far more in charge of the narrative, and I've been generating interest ("I don't know how we'll do it but I know we have to work with you!" -actual quote from a meeting yesterday) as opposed to being in the position of 'hi I would like a job'. Things are worlds different, and for that I can't say thank you enough. The word that captures it best for me is transformative.

John Whelan, M.B.A.