[Customer Type 2] 

Speaker with Big Idea to Share

[Invoke Heroic Potential]

You deliver the last line and look out at a rapt audience. Your heart, which was pounding when you began, feels warm and full as they erupt in applause. 


Requests for collaborations and appearances. 

Your ideas out there changing the world. Going viral. 

[Invoke Mundane Reality]

This hasn't quite happened... yet. 

You have big ideas, and you know how to get them across just fine. 


But "just fine" isn't enough -- your audience needs to be enchanted, inspired, and moved in their bones to want more. 

[Introduce Obstacle Gap]

Difference between good and great: connection with audience

Disconnection / lack of engagement / element of human connection

[Reveal Path to Overcome]

The way you get humans to connect is through STORY. 

[Tell us Why it Works]

Get at the heart of what draws us together as humans

Primal impact of story

[Make a Bold Promise]

Connection can't be manufactured, but it can be cultivated -- and I'll show you how. 

[Pull Back the Curtain] + [Show Human Face]

Hi I'm Jessica... Leave people breathless and begging for more

If you want x, then you want me in your corner. 

[Here's How it Works]

First, you and I hop on the phone. You bring your speech, I bring my story chops. 

Then, over the next 4 weeks, we meet 2 more times to polish. 

With you every step of the way, from the first syllable to the final round of applause. 

[First, You Should Know]

This work is intensive and intuitive.


I'm not going to cram you through a "Storytelling Bootcamp" or force you through some one-size-fits-all process. 

[The Bottom Line]


I want your story out there, changing lives. 


[Call to Action]

If you want this, book a free 15-minute phone consult.


[Social Proof]


Enchant from the Stage